image #Hi5EdTech is Now on Slack


Hello everyone! For the past couple of months I have been happily building my PLN through networks such as Twitter, Reddit, and Google+.  I have been able to connect with many active educators and some amazing communities (#ConnectedTL shout out!)  Recently I re-explored the team collaboration site, Slack, and began a days long journey in search for a good #EdTech channel. I have been unable to find one and so I created one.

I know what I would be thinking if I were you, “I don’t need another social media outlet to check, I’m busy enough as it is.” I completely agree. Sometimes I have to take little vacations from social media because I just do not have the energy. What I was looking for and I have found with Slack is the collaboration element that is missing with other social media outlets. Slack is set up to collaborate in a chat room style with colleagues, where you can easily share resources and files. Basically I just want to build a super group of highly responsive #EdTech educators who will help me go further in my creativity with EdTech. So please join me and others as we grow this new community and see where it takes us.

Join Us on Slack!



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