Teacher Grants for $1K in EdTech [GRANTS]


The school year is up and running for most of us and DirectTV is currently asking us…

What Could You Do with $1,000 for Classroom Technology? @DirecTV @FiveIronOBrien

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In order to enter into the contest you must submit an essay between 400-500 words about what new technology would mean to your classroom and how you would use the grant to address a learning challenge.

All submissions should include:

  • An observed learning challenge that is amplified by inadequate technology.
  • The specific technology or technologies you plan to implement.
  • How this technology will support your teaching efforts.
  • The anticipated impact improved technology will have on your students.

Online submissions are due by February 24, 2017 at 11:59 pm E.T.

Winners will be announced by 11:59 pm E.T. March 10, 2017

To view the original post and to apply for the grant click here

For official rules and guidelines, click here


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